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   Beautiful stair has always been and remains a subject of owner’s pride and adorns his house. Of course, in addition to being the link between the floors in the house, it also has deep aesthetic value. A good quality wooden stair adds a special piece of warmth, gentility, elegance and cosiness in the house, fills it with comfort.

   Stair production is general specialization of our company. We provide design, fabrication and installation services of exclusive wooden loft floating, stringer and saddle stairs as well as combined stairs. Some models of our stairs are decorated by wooden trim elements and reinforced by granite work of step surface.

   Delesher team main business priority – high professionalism and responsibility for quality of the product. We provide a ready solution for any customer taking into account his tastes and preferences, paying great attention to every detail.

   We also offer free technical advice at the stage of house design and construction in order to ensure your future staircase would be the most convenient.

   We changed an established people opinion that the wooden stairs without frame would sound unpleasant squeaks, crack and lose their original appearance. We broke the stereotypes by the application of proper design, specialized computer software Sema and use of high quality hardwood. Manufacturing the stairs we rely on our great experience and technical achievements that we receive first-hand from our European partners, so Delesher Company's motto – "Who is not catching up with the times - will be gone." We confidently guarantee the highest quality, beauty and durability of our products. Delesher stairs is 5 year warranty.

Stairs production

   Technological process of wooden stairs manufacturing can be divided into the following stages:

  1. Personal work with the customer discussing model of stair, its shape, dimensions, manufacturing features, finishes and preferences;
  2. Project development and visualization. Customer project approval;
  3. Manufacturing parts of construction;
  4. Multilayered painting. Packaging;
  5. Delivery of the set to the customer. Assembling. Construction adjustment.

Benefits of Delesher stairs

  • Reliability and durability;
  • Environmentally friendly materials;
  • High aesthetics of the finished product;
  • “Guns” fitting accuracy of parts and constructions;
  • 5 year warranty. - manufacturer stairs

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